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The data is our engine to build better solutions that lead our customers to reach new horizons.

Solutions built with trending technologies

We're on the edge working with the most trending technologies building innovative solutions. Our agile and goal-oriented mindset ensure the best product quality through technologies that enhance your business performance. We are always on the lookout for new technologies to enhance our services.

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Data Integration

We combine the data that resides in different sources and provide an unified view. This enable our users to know powerful insights hidden in their most important active.

Advanced Analytics

With sophisticated techniques and tools beyond traditional business intelligence (BI), we help our partners to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations through Machine Learning (ML) models and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.

Data Management

We optimize the use of the data in order organizations can make decisions and take actions that maximize their benefit.

Software Engineering

Our agile teams create, design, develop and deploy functional software built in multiple technologies.

Our Solutions

Dicsys Analyzer is the smartests and most complete solution for your needs, working the data from its source until its exploitation, using advanced Machine Learning models that let us know the deepest insights and the most important patterns hidden in your data in order to apply them to your business.

  • We deliver custom build All In One (AIO) solutions for your business from beginning to end.
  • We monitor the complete life cycle of the data. Once is generated, we organize it in visualizations that facilitate decision-making and evaluate the results that it yielded
  • We help our partners to find the best solution that fits with its business needs.

The most complete tool to understand how your brand is performing in social media.

Our Social Analyzer helps you to understand your audience's feelings, what are they saying about your brand and help your business identifying new opportunities to obtain better revenue and increase your brand awareness.

  • What opinion do your customers have about your brand or product?
  • Avoid the massification of negative comments about your brand or product.
  • Know which customer and market segment you are reaching. Is it the target?

Understand your product's performance and optimize it.

Using your own data and the data from your competitors, we can help you to understand your product's performance and optimize it in order to increase your sales and profits against your competitors and get new revenue streams.

  • Define the optimal price of your product from elastic price models.
  • Improve the stock management and logistics of the products with demand forecast.
  • Increase your sales by using CrossSell UpSell models.

Understand your customers and their behavior and get insights to bring new opportunities to your business.

Having an unified view of your data, you will gain operational understanding and strategic insights from a whole new perspective. With Our Customer Analyzer you can see what's going on in real time so you can optimize your results for operational efficiency, financial performance, business outcomes in order to improve customer experience.

  • Segment your customer base to understand their behavior.
  • Avoid customers losing through advanced retention techniques.
  • Know the interests of each of your clients through Scoring Models and improve how your outreach them.






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CTC Members

We complement our efforts with other organizations to develop and offer world-class technology solutions.

Microstrategy Partners

We work with Microstrategy as one team developing new solutions on data needs, architecture and technology roadmaps, business intelligence, data integration, visualization and analytics


Together we lead business and technology organizations, to make the most of the latest innovations and business solutions.


With more than 20 successfull implementations of Dicsys Social Analyzer, more than 35 satisfied customers with Product Analyzer and more than 30 successfull projects with Customer Analyzer our customers are pleased to share their experience with us.


Multinational Retail Corporation

“Thanks to Customer Analyzer we know better the interests of our clients, actually, we know them in detail!!! With this product, in just one quarter we improved the success of our sales, obtaining extra profits compared to the previous quarter.”



“We were pleasantly surprised with the speed the product was implemented. We had access to a complete segmentation of our client portfolio in just weeks and thanks to that we saw results very quickly ”.


Argentinian Leader Bank

“We are highly satisfied with the product and its implementation process. We did not have to invest hours of our business team since a team of experts carried out all the technical tasks and optimized the survey meetings. With product analyzer we increase sales by working with CROSS-SELL and SELL-UP models”


Multinational Retail Corporation

“Long ago we suffered from the lack of maintenance of our analytical models and we could not focus on the business. We are very grateful to have this service.”



“Before Dicsys, we spent a lot of time collecting data and trying to process it in order to make decisions, in multiple occasions our job was wrong due to errors in the processing. Today, thanks to the experts we can assembly the datalake and datawarehouse, and feed reliable data to all levels of the organization”


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